Don & Ulla proudly show off the fractional purchase and
celebrate with a bottle of champagne.

Our owners depend on us to provide tremendous service, quality products, and unforgettable experiences. Check out what our owners are saying about Monocle Fractional Yachts and being a fractional owner.

Today was a sad day for the O’Brien family. Today the traditional experience of a family vacation was changed forever. I have gone on many family vacations and adventures over the years, and after each I was always ready to go home. Year after year I would do the adventure and near the end I would get antsy to get home and do whatever might be distracting me. It was a long tradition.

The Vitesse and it’s crew have ruined long tradition because I didn’t want to get off the boat today — I truly wanted to stay longer. So did my wife and my two boys and a few friends who came along with us. The entire experience was simply outstanding and left us wanting for more — thank you.

Vitesse was wonderful of course but it was that crew that made the trip. Captain Dominic, Chef Jonathan , First Mate Micky and, of course, Stew Candice are truly examples of smart , capable and delightful managers of the entire experience and all of us on the trip became very fond of them.

The four youthful crew were, at all times, respectful, polite, professional and delightful to be with. You can be assured that they are exceptional representatives of the Monocle business model. Lorne, if it was your goal to great a company that will change the yachting industry , you have succeeded. And more then that you have attracted the right people to work along side you.

Well done Loren — I look forward to our continued discussions.
—L O.

Our time on the Perfect Harmony consisted of seven days of total peace and precious time together – a rarity in the very hectic world we live in,” says Cathy Ross, CEO of Exclusive Resorts. “From the attentive crew to the spectacular yacht and delicious gourmet fare – everything was absolutely perfect. Combine that with the total flexibility to do as much or as little as we wanted every day – and you cannot ask for anything more. Favorite islands revisited and new destinations discovered – this is one of the best ways to experience the Caribbean.
—Cathy Ross.

We arrived a couple of days ago from our two weeks in Irresistible. We had a wonderful time as a family and with our guests. The crew was amazing and they really made our voyage fun and carefree. They are very professional. Cameron is a very good captain, Rhonda cooked some great meals and Robbie is very attentive to our needs. We are very pleased with our decision to partner with Monocle for a long time. Thanks for helping us make our yachting dream come true.
—Oscar .

I have recently been on the MY ‘Vitesse’ as a guest of Mr & Mrs A-M and I felt I must write and say that the crew were a credit to your company. They are great Ambassadors for Monocle Yachts.

Please pass this on to other departments: The whole trip was a total success and a lot was due to the crew…
—Tony & Linda.

As a former yacht owner/operator I speak from experience in saying the boat, crew, food, service, and destinations were fantastic! I would unconditionally recommend the Monocle experience to other members.
—Michael K.

I’ve had and been around a lot of crew members over the years but I’ve never been around a more positive and consistent crew than each of you. All of you were simply GREAT. We feel very fortunate and blessed. I think
this trip was truly “The best of all times.” Please stay and keep in touch!!! Thank you again!
—R. and R.

We chose a Monocle Fractional Yacht because I was tired of my wife cooking for the crew.
—BA from Austin, Texas.

My family has always wanted to own a boat and go cruising in the Bahamas. Frankly, I could never afford a whole boat. Now I am the proud fractional owner of a 94′ fabulous yacht. Thank you Monocle.
—The Hunt family of New Jersey

My husband Alfred made me go cruising with his parents every year. He called it a vacation. I called it hell. All I did was cook, clean and smile throughout the entire ordeal. Since we bought two shares in a Monocle fractional yacht, I am a new woman. The stewardess takes care of the in-laws, the Captain takes care of the boat, and I can take care of my hubby.
—Mrs. H.L. from Miami, Florida

What a great idea. Why didn’t I think of it? It works perfectly for me. I own a retail business and can only get away for two weeks at a time. I have always loved cruising the Caribbean Islands on a cruise ship, but now I am the Admiral on my own ship. I don’t have to leave the beach by 3PM to be back on board. I can come and go when I want, visit the Islands I want, and eat with my family and guests when we want, at a fraction of the price. Owning a fractional yacht is much better than renting a cabin.
—Mr. Luke T. of Boston.

Our crew treated us like royalty. What a wonderful two weeks of doing nothing. We can’t wait to go back aboard our ship to do nothing again and again.
—The Martin’s from Houston.

Dear Loren,

I want to thank you again for a delightful trip that is only possible through your commitment to fractional yachting.

The crew , led by Clifford, was nothing short of superb. They worked well together as a team and we are indeed blessed by their professionalism and kindness. The new Chef “Max” is both poised , polite and tremendously talented, making a great crew even better. Monocle ROCKS!

You are doing a great service to the yachting industry Loren; if you ever need my help for anything, no mater how small, please feel free to call upon me. Both Colleen and I are believers in what you are doing and we wish you all the best.
—Larry O.

Hi Loren are you sure there is a no tipping policy? The crew is awesome!
—Scott B. aboard Perfect Sense.

Hi Loren,

I just wanted to send you a short note about our first trip on Irresistible. It was everything you promised and even more! Bob, Sharon, and Charlie were just incredible and could not have been more pleasant, professional, and accommodating. All of my guests had a wonderful trip.

Thanks again for providing such a great service!
—Ron F. aboard Irresistible.


We took our first trip as owners last week and it exceeded all expectations. The crew were fantastic and made my 50th birthday trip amazing. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a vacation go so perfectly, but the crew and yacht were clearly a major part of the success. As it was very off-season we basically had the BVIs to ourselves and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to see how well a lot of the BVIs have recovered and there is clearly more happening every day. Even the weather cooperated. From start to finish everything was great. Our group had set a high bar on our first chartered trip and your crew exceeded it. We are already thinking about our next trip in 2019, perhaps with kids this time. Thanks for finding a great team for the Irresistible.

Thanks again for providing such a great service!
—Ed aboard Irresistible.

Irresistible Trip

Photograph of an owner of Irresistible in the pink shirt holding on to the rail who doesn’t want to leave the boat now that his two weeks are up!

Captain Mickey,

Can’t thank you and your crew enough for 2 fantastic weeks on The Perfect Sense. What a great time we had and I thoroughly enjoyed and enjoy cruising in South Florida. What great scenery and some great Marinas that we visited.

Of course the best part was the professional service provided by you, Stephanie and Michael. Last night we ate out at a nice restaurant but the food was nowhere as good as Michaels cooking! And what can we say about Stephanie other than you probably won’t meet a nicer, friendlier hard working individual as her. You and your crew definitely spoiled us and we are very appreciative of how hard you all worked to make this a special time for us. I didn’t want to tell you this but this trip was our second honeymoon and we both loved every minute of it.

A special thank you to You and Loren for accommodating us and making it possible for cruising in South Florida.

We definitely look forward to our next trip with you and your crew.

Thanks again!
—Owner on Perfect Sense.