Fractional Opportunity for Individuals

In this example you purchase a 5% share of a $3,000,000 yacht for $150,000. This “one time” purchase entitles you to use her 2 weeks per year until you decide to sell your share and of course receive the residuals. A perfect example might be two weeks in the Caribbean or two weeks in New England or the Bahamas each year.

The annual operating expenses are shared among the fractional owners based on a percentage of ownership. The total projected annual operating expenses for an 80’ three stateroom yacht with a crew of three in our program is $300,000. Your 5% contribution would only be $15,000 annually.

The Monocle Fractional Program saves you millions on your initial capital investment as well as huge savings on the annual operating expenses because of our fleet purchasing power and purchasing wisdom.


THE ONLY OTHER COSTS ARE YOUR CONSUMABLES WHILE ONBOARD. Estimate food, fuel, dockage at $2-3,000 per week. There is no tipping.