Buyer’s Reality Check

Before you buy any boat, ask yourself these 5 questions …

  1. How much cash am I really willing to give up for this indulgence?
  2. How much devotion will I have for its care and sustenance?
  3. How often am I really going to use it?
  4. How much time am I really willing to expend on managing the daily operations of the crew, purchasing supplies, monitoring vendor repairs and major shipyard work, as well as countless hours of research, decision making and legal consequences?
  5. What if something changes in my life and subsequently owning this yacht becomes more of a burden than an asset? How easily will I be able to get rid of it?

If you have answered any of these questions with hesitation or reservation then do yourself a favor and think Monocle Fractional Yacht Ownership, where you will purchase only the portion you intend to use, you are free of all the headaches and hassles of management and will only spend 10 cents on the dollar for the acquisition price and all of the operating costs.