The Monocle Management Team

The Monocle Management team brings 75 years of asset management experience, yacht design awards, and decades of luxury yachting to bear on the problems of yacht management. When you’re working with Monocle you’re working with yacht owners who understand the challenges involved in managing a major capital investment. You’re also working with a worldwide network with offices in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. The team is led by Dr. Loren Simkowitz, a PhD management expert, who spent 35 years managing millions of square feet of commercial and residential real estate. A dedicated yachtsman, Dr, Simkowitz began to manage his yachts like his business ventures and immediately noticed substantial reductions in cost with a corresponding increase in the pleasure of yachting. Dr. Simkowitz was a Board Member for numerous corporations including Broward Marine, where he was responsible for the development of the innovative yacht “Britannia”. It was the 1st three-engine private yacht to incorporate DDEC, variable pitch-propeller, and Calzoni water jet system which enabled top speeds of over 43 knots. If you’re in need of Monocle’s Team expertise in yachting and luxury asset management, please contact us today.

The Monocle Team

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